I’ve been using Jason Hall for almost 15 years and he’s saved my ASS several times!

He’s my #1 Go To Guy, as No lender is perfect! Yet he’s as honest as you can get in this business! He’s saved me from a lot of other lenders who’ve either had no clue or just wanted to do the short term business of overcharging ,overpromising and underperforming! He’s even helped me out when other clients had other lenders and we ran into trouble. Plus he’ll let my other clients know honestly if we had a good plausible deal. Most of those instances, my clients switched! To him!

After 15 years he’s done 99.9% for me and in this Biz, it doesn’t get any better than that as he has stuck his neck out quite often, when other RE professionals can be run of the mill! His Integrity goes a long way too! Yet, some people may never be happy,,,I’m always happy to have him on my side!