Your Synergy One Lending team! Have a conversation with your loan officer about your goals to establish expectations, assess credits, and check out financing options.

  • Application.

    We’ll talk about your needs up front and gather as much information as possible to get a head start on your refinance or purchase. The more information we have from our Needs List, the

  • Consent to Electronic Documentation

    In order to request electronic statements and other documents, we are required to provide you with certain information and obtain your consent.

  • Disclosures

    You will receive, acknowledge, and return a disclosure package which explains your loan product and costs.

  • Appraisal.

    Here, we work with a professional team of local appraisers to have a good look at the value of your investment, your home.

  • Processing

    We’ll need your help collecting documentation such as Pay Stubs, Bank Statements, W-2s, and Employment history so we can have your loan underwritten quickly and prevent any last minute rushing and stress.

  • Underwriting

    Since we hire only the best, you can be sure we will treat your file with love and attentive care throughout this very important part of your transaction. We will satisfy any remaining conditions to your final approval as quickly as possible to get you to the closing table.

  • Clear to Close

    Time for a happy dance. We are now ready to get you to the closing table by preparing your final loan documents. Thanks to our awesome teamwork, you will have a smooth and exciting closing experience.

  • Acknowledge Your Closing Disclosure

    This outlines the final terms of the loan.

  • Loan Doc Signing

    Once your Loan Documents are signed, they will be messengered back to Escrow and your Lender for final processing.

  • Funding

    Once all of your Prior to Funding Conditions are met, you are clear to close, you loan will Fund.

  • Celebrating